Today I met an Anti-Semite

Today I met an anti-Semite….I was as astonished and angry with the bigot as I had ever been in my life. I still can’t quite believe it. But, we’ll get back to that

There is so much access to history these days. One can spend a lifetime devouring texts describing in minute detail the events of the distant, far and near past. One of the real challenges for both reader and writer is to form an appreciation and understanding of the context. How the events that happened could have ever occurred in a world like ours. How nobody sounded an alarm bell for the horrors that punctuate our past. I wonder how my Grandfather would express his memories of the war with England, the emergency we labelled the second world war and then the awesome power displayed in the six day war. But pick up any newspaper of merit today and you can see a world in chaos. And I wonder how I will explain what is certain to unfold to my kids.

You couldn’t make this up. If you did, nobody would credit it.

In Malawi this weekend the largest NGO in the world, the UN, was joined by every western power with any influence in that place, to secure the release of the two men jailed for having a homosexual relationship. Their fourteen year hard labour sentence was pardoned by the president under direct intervention by the UN secretary general. With no shame the president of Malawi stated that there was nothing wrong with this original sentence and that these men would be re-imprisoned should they continue their relationship. I found myself conflicted. Should we be delighted that human rights prevailed for two individuals or still disgusted by countries harbouring such laws? I take heart that, at least in some places in the world, wrong-doers can be forced by good people to undo their horrors. Not so in Israel, where it appears that one may be able to commit any crime and be left unpunished.

Malawi is sickening. But thankfully there are places in the world like the UK, where a minister was forced to resign this weekend for unlawful expenses claims rather than his homo-sexuality, all of which emerged at the same time. A person should be punished for being corrupt but not for being gay.

Nothing else in the world today was as prominently reported on as the Israeli storming of a humanitarian aid flotilla, which resulted in the death of fifteen people, according to the latest reports. What interests me is how history will treat this incident. I look at this flotilla and recognise it as a symbol of peaceful protest that was potentially mighty enough to bring down the Israeli blockade of Gaza. But if these people choose to attack the Israelis who stormed this boat then they have made a dreadful mis-calculation.

The press is astonishing today. The Israeli newspapers carry stories that the humanitarian ships ‘came prepared for war’ and that these aid workers de-armed the commandos. Now hang on a second. They are commandos! If you want me to believe that they were over-whelmed by the force they encountered on the flotilla then I want to see evidence of the commando-comparable training that these aid workers underwent before the attack. Israel may feel we are stupid, but we’re not that stupid, Sirs, we’re not that stupid. These are elite and fully trained members of one of the most advanced militaries in the world. They had weeks to prepare for this event, for advertising its arrival was the whole point. Their superiors knew the whole world would be watching. And then people died. Interestingly, many western paper editors didn’t notice that these people were human beings that were murdered. They simply refer to the event as a horrendous PR day for Israel.

If at all possible Israel will find a way to wriggle out of this, while the world writes reports. Once again the enemies of Israel will learn a lesson: we can kill thousands or just fifteen, white or Arab, we can do as we wish, we are Israel.

In the back corner of the newspapers today one story hid. There’s a very dangerous man in this world and all the satires don’t seem to generate awareness that he must go. It’s not enough for China. Sure, North Korea blew up the South Korean submarine but no worry. It doesn’t care enough to publically condemn them. But how could it? China watches on a daily basis across the border. The people of North Korea are suffering far longer than those poor souls who were lost on that submarine. Their lives deserve to be recognised too. This man has very serious weaponry and is not fearful of using them. Yet China doesn’t mind, too much.

In the context of such enormous events the story of an individual can easily seem paltry. But this should never be allowed to be the case. Today the archbishop of Nigeria had his resignation for having broken his vow of chastity accepted by the cardinal rottweiler. Interestingly, the fact that this vow was broken via a ‘relationship’ with a fourteen year old girl was not a matter for resignation. Reading between the lines, this child continued to be abused by this man until she was an adult, at which point the entire abuse became ‘a relationship’. As such ‘there was no evidence of child abuse’. Enough of this! A child is not capable of having a relationship, under any circumstances. But apparently there’s a god somewhere who doesn’t care that you forced yourself upon a vulnerable young girl but only that you had sex when you said you wouldn’t. No sir, I don’t think so.

Today Israel murdered fifteen members of a flotilla bound for Palestine with what we have every reason to believe was a purely humanitarian cargo. In the aftermath everyone I met was angered. The Irish Taoiseach and Foreign Minister were strong in their condemnation. Remember, we haven’t even got the report back on the use of Irish passports by mossad. The Israeli ambassador in Ireland tonight announced that he was not ashamed of what had happened. That was calm compared to the other statements from Israel. He said that Ireland would have done the same thing. Actually, we would have taken in this flotilla, fed and watered the crew and announced to the world’s press that we are listening to the concerns of these peaceful protesters. We understand conflict over territory very well in this country, Mr Ambassador, and we never stormed a humanitarian aid group to my knowledge.

I was heartened as country after country of merit, which off course excludes the US when it comes to matters Israeli, came out to condemn what took place in international waters today. The US is a tricky one. In the US it is not about right versus wrong but republican versus democrat in the up-coming half-term elections. It seems that for the US voters murder is not murder when the victims are non-US citizens. Thankfully, the voters of much of the rest of the world are still distracted by right and wrong. I’m starting to believe that the world might not take this one lying down.

And in the background the Elders met to discuss the development of Africa. Mandela, Tutu, Carter, Robinson. Such wonderful persons, such a contribution to the world. What must they have thought as they learned of the news.

But then I met a man who said the most dreadful anti-Jewish sentence possible. I wouldn’t dishonour Jewish people by repeating it here. But needless to say, it was disgusting anti-Semitism at its worse. I was angered and sickened and left him in a clear understanding that there was no place in our world for words like that. I was astonished that people like this existed in our world today. I still can’t believe it. There is no justification for this. No matter how much you disagree with Israeli foreign policies, decent people do not do that. You are the worst of the worst in this world. How dare you, how dare you!

After the first great war the world believed that a forum for settling international disputes was required and generated the League of Nations. The League proved useless against the rise of the Nazis. So the world created a new version of The League, The United Nations, with one major difference: the UN would have a military arm. Since then we have seen the two sides of the UN. For certain countries the UN is a massively influential NGO, particularly when it comes to Human Rights. For others, the UN is an organisation that can be hamstrung with bureaucracy at any time by use of the infamous veto. I fear that this lesson may only be fully appreciated after another great war.

There is quite possibly a storm coming. And if we survive my children will ask me, Dad, how did this happen? I’ll look at them and try to explain the chaos of the time. The circumstance from one corner of the world to the other. But really, I won’t be able to explain the most important part: why not enough people choose to say No, not enough people decided to say No.


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